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All About Us


Parkside Produce is a home based business making preserves such as jams, marmalades, chutneys and cordials (to name a few!). The name was chosen as it represents all things homemade as our cottage is called Parkside.

Our Produce is made using locally grown fruit wherever possible. In our little patch of Rockbourne (on the borders of Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire) we have planted apple, pear, greengage, damson and plum trees in an effort to produce as much ourselves as we can.  We have also planted redcurrant, blackcurrant and gooseberry bushes, as well as numerous crowns of rhubarb in an attempt to be self-sufficient! If it is not grown by us, then we have sourced the raw ingredients from friends, or have foraged the local hedgerows, before resorting to the local fruit farms and markets! I want my preserves to be fresh, fruitful and affordable!

I want to be sustainable as a business, so I use glass jars as these can be returned to me for reuse, but can also be recycled. I have a returns scheme, where returned jars (with their unique spotty lids) are worth 10p, and once a person has accumulated enough credit, they can get a jar of preserves or a bottle of cordial for FREE!

… ME …

I started making jams when I was a little girl – helping my Mum and Nan making marmalade and blackberry and apple jam. Over the years, I have always made the odd jar to keep in the cupboard, but more recently the extra jars went on sale at the front of the house. I took some along to a car boot sale, and got a very enthusiastic response, so I made more jams as well as branching out into marmalades. Family, friends, colleagues and neighbours all giving positive feedback has led to the current situation – giving up the ‘proper job’ to make Parkside Produce a success!


A selection of items from the Parkside Produce range can be found at

  • Bird & Carter Farm Shop on the A36 out of Salisbury towards Warminster
  • Sandleheath Post Office & Shop just outside of Fordingbridge
  • Price Butchers in Fordingbridge
  • Britford Farm Shop off the A338 to Salisbury
  • Martin Shop
  • Parkside gate in Rockbourne
  • various Farmers Markets, fetes and fairs – see the website for more details www.parksideproduce.co.uk



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