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Special Requests ~ Unique preserves and event products

Parkside Produce offers a bespoke service

I was delighted to be asked to produce chutney for a wedding that took place at the end of April. Instead of a traditional wedding cake the couple opted for tiers of assorted cheeses from our local cheese makers at Lyburn Farm, Landford (like these or these) and therefore chutney was required to go with these various creamy cheese layers. The theme was ‘vintage’, and they wanted Red Onion Marmalade and Rhubarb & Date! I was then presented with the recycled jars for filling – an assortment of shapes and sizes ranging from Le Parfait, Leifheit and Ball to a Mrs Ellwoods pickle jar!

Not at all fazed I set to and made the Red Onion Marmalade first as this needed slightly longer to mature. Given I had a month maturing time I made sure that the onions and sugar had really caramelised well before adding the red wine and balsamic vinegars. I then cooked low and slow to remove the raw and quite harsh vinegar taste, without evaporating too much of the liquid before bottling and sealing the jars.

The Rhubarb & Date was made a week later but in the meantime I had to think about the appearance of the finished jars. They were different sizes and shapes and some had patterns and logos embossed into the glass. My usual labelling wouldn’t work with the jar shapes I had, and anyway it would have been far too formal. Luckily, the one consistent feature was the size of the lids, so I adapted my stall labels from ovals to circles and measured the lid diameter to get them to fit neatly. I inserted my logo discreetly as a watermark behind the product name and printed them onto card and paper. Once printed off they were stuck on with glue stick – this makes them easy to wash off again later.

To finish off the simple vintage feel I tied raffia bows around the necks of the jars.

I know the bride and groom approved of the presentation, but more importantly I’m certain that the chutney was perfectly matched to the cheeses they chose for their ‘cake’. Parkside Produce wishes them all the best for a happy future together.

So, if you have seen a product we offer on our website, or you have already bought some, and you would like a smaller or larger quantity (than 200g in the case of our preserves), then our bespoke service is just what you are looking for!

Perhaps you would like me to create a unique recipe for you, a friend or a special occasion. Maybe you have a special jar that you have sourced that you would like to be filled with our lovingly homemade preserves or sweet treats as a gift.

Are you are hosting an event (private party or corporate function) and you desire favours for the guests to take away – please get in touch for a quote.

Please bear in mind the seasonal nature of some of the ingredients used in our range of preserves. We need a minimum of a months’ notice for all products and the sooner you contact us the better, particularly if you know that you want an ingredient with a short seasonal availability.



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