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All Things Cookie

Sugarbelle’s, Sweet Ambs, Sweet Hope Cookies, Sweetopia, HayleyCakes and Cookies, Arty McGoo, Jill FCS, Karen’s Cookies, (I’m sorry I know I have missed a fair few off this long motivational list) – all these wonderful cookie-mad bakers have produced some amazing, inspiring creations. They generously spend their time not just creating marvellous works of cookie art, but then kindly teach us all by demonstrating these techniques to us step-by-step, either as video, or photographs. They give their ‘no-fail, go-to’ recipes for the top type of sugar cookie to hold its shape and they share their tips and tricks on the best icing to use for different ways of decorating our own masterpieces. I wouldn’t have known where to start without them. I also wouldn’t spend days in front of the computer absorbing all their inspirational ideas.

It was Sweet Hope Cookies that started this ball rolling! I stumbled upon her facebook page earlier this year which led me to look at her website. She creates gorgeous cookies to raise money and awareness of ALS – a devastating disease that her brother died from. Her biscuits are beautifully decorated and set the bar high, so after a couple of months procrastination I started making rolled sugar cookies in March this year and am about to make my fifth batch. I see the carefully crafted creations of Sweet Hope Cookies and my many other cookie heroes and I try to emulate their designs in my own style. I know, I definitely need to practise, but I love it! It is so addictive! I have bought new cutters, icing tips, sprinkles and lustre dust – from the UK and the States I’m that hooked!

I am still searching for my ‘best recipe’. I am not happy with how my biscuits spread a bit too much on the first and second roll-outs, even after chilling the dough overnight and after cutting. I am still trying to get the icing consistency just right for each style of job. I am also learning how to pipe icing, and what effects different nozzles have – but it is FUN! And I love it when a cookie-plan comes together!

However, the looks are only the beginning – the proof is in the pudding as they say, and these cookies taste FANTASTIC!!

I am starting to take orders for cookies. If you have an event that you would like custom cookies created for, contact me to discuss your ideas. I typically need notice of at least a month to complete your order request.


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