What did the judges say…

I received my Artisans’ Tasting Sheets back from the Marmalade Awards a while ago. No medals this year, but the comments were really positive and encouraging.

Four Seasons (a four fruit marmalade, hand cut with Seville Orange, Ruby Grapefruit, Lime and Lemon) – ‘rich, intense flavour’ and ‘bright colour’

Dark Marmalade (a Seville Marmalade with added black treacle) – ‘molasses – treacle like flavour’

Ultimate Ginger (a Seville Marmalade with added fresh, crystallised and stem ginger) – ‘strong spicy gingery overtones’ and ‘good flavour, ginger helps the orange flavour’

I was pleased that the various judges had been able to taste the different additions to the marmalades and therefore picked up on exactly what I was aiming for. They also liked the texture of the marmalades; the way the peel was cut and cooked. Maybe next year there will be the glint of a medal as well!


4 comments on “What did the judges say…

  1. And well done from us two too

  2. Well done!

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