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Candied Peel and Seville Cakes

With such a vast amount of Seville oranges I couldn’t resist making some delicious candied peel. Some I cut thick so that the ends could be dipped in chocolate for a really zingy fruity snack.

Others I shredded more finely to be used as cake decorations, added to cooking, or also eaten as a snack.

Jaffa cakes are one of our favourite sweet treats, so when I was thinking of ways of how we could show our customers how wonderful marmalade is as a versatile ingredient it seemed a perfect idea to try to emulate this little cake gem.

We used vanilla cupcakes, levelled the tops off and scooped out a melon-ball sized amount of cake, replacing it with a good teaspoon of our latest product – Vintage Cut Seville Marmalade.

I then capped the marmalade with molten dark chocolate and left it to cool slightly before covering the whole cake top with more of the dark chocolate. The cakes were topped off with a piece of the thin candied peel. Delicious! We took some as tasters at a market and they were so scrummy we even sold some! Success, even though I say so myself!

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