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Competition time…

Things have been quietly hectic here… I have decided to enter the World’s Original Marmalade Awards – Aaaargh, scary! Even more so is the fact that, as I am now selling them as a business, I have to enter as an Artisan Marmalade Maker! Eeeek!

I think I have chosen the best varieties to enter, I am putting in a few as I can’t whittle them down any more, but I need to stop creating new editions, and new batches! Each one is slightly different!

I have prepared the ingredients lists for my chosen ones (that didn’t take all that long as there are only really three ingredients – Sugar, Seville Oranges and Lemons) and got a box ready to carefully transport my precious entries the 300+ mile journey up to Penrith, Cumbria! Luckily for me, and my jars of orangey loveliness, they are not needing to be posted as my Mum’s running buddy is going to drive them there! She is moving to within 2 miles of Dalemain Mansion a week before the entry deadline! That was far too fortuitous an omen to be ignored and therefore sealed my decision to enter.



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