What’s cooking?

Raspberry Curd – this is a relatively new addition to the repertoire having been asked for it a couple of times at events. I had not seen a recipe for it, or even seen it for sale before, so I when I saw jars of it being sold by English Heritage I had a taste and sneaky peek at the ingredients list on the back of the jar and had a good long think about it. I was wary of the curd separating, and didn’t want to use any thickening or setting agents like cornflour or pectin. I adapted the recipe I already used for the lime curd and made sure there was an extra yolk added as an emulsifier/binder.

It works perfectly I think! The resulting product is sweeter than lemon curd as, although raspberries can be sharp, our raspberries were very ripe when picked and frozen. The colour is a gorgeous pinky-purple, very girly, and it tastes fantastic!

The smoothness of curd with the taste of fresh raspberries, YUMMY!

Seville Orange CurdBRAND NEW PRODUCT! This is SO delicious, semi-sweet, tangy, smooth, creamy ~ if you could team it up with dark chocolate somehow it would be even more divine! Maybe make a meringue pie but make a dark chocolate pastry, or put a layer of melted dark chocolate between the pastry and the curd, mmm-mmm-mmm! There will be limited stocks of this as the availability of the oranges wanes, so get yours NOW!


2 comments on “What’s cooking?

  1. this all sounds so exciting Liz x

    • I know, it’s really bizarre – I’m doing something I enjoy, and it’s now my job! One day I may even get a salary from it… We’re going to be at some really big 3-day events, so I am making the most of the Seville season to make sure the stock is all ready and Ian has been clearing out the freezer to make way for all the fruit being stockpiled! Busy times! xx

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