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What’s cooking?

This week has been the first of many frantic citrus processing weeks. We have processed over 35lb of Seville oranges so far, along with Navel oranges, lemons, limes and ruby grapefruit ready to make the following marmalade varieties:

  • Oxford – A chunky traditional marmalade
  • Oxford & Cointreau – A good splash of Cointreau added just before pouring into the jam jars
  • Ultimate Ginger – Oxford with freshly grated root ginger added to the muslin bag when cooking, sliced stem and crystallised ginger added in with the sugar
  • Whisky Mac – Ultimate Ginger with a generous shot of Whisky added just before potting up
  • Dark – Oxford with black treacle added, as well as sugar, to add depth to the flavour.
  • Mutineer’s – Dark marmalade with added Bundaberg Rum (made from molasses) – bounty brought back from my visit to the distillery in Australia!
  • Deepest Darkest – Oxford with black treacle and Muscovado sugar. A rich, bitter-sweet marmalade, you could almost be in Peru
  • Black & Gold – Deepest Darkest with a shot of Bundaberg Rum for a tropical twist
  • Seville as an orange – Seville oranges that have been finely hand cut suspended in clear Seville orange jelly.
  • Oranges & Lemons – Say the bells of ‘St Clements’. A mixture of Seville and Navel oranges, and lemons produce a fresh and zesty taste. Hand cut shreds create a luxury product.
  • Spiced St Clement’s – The same ratio of fruit as Oranges & Lemons but the fruit is cooked with our special blend of spices.
  • Four Seasons – Seville oranges, Ruby grapefruit, lemons and limes all hand cut and suspended in a full flavoured citrus jelly.

Just another 46lb+ to get through! In modern money that’s roughly 16Kg done, 21Kg to go if we don’t order more in; which is actually highly unlikely!

There will probably be other flavour combinations as well. Last year I made Vanilla Marmalade, Almond Marmalade and Almond & Amaretto (with added almond slices), Lemon and Lime, and Honey & Lemon. I’m still mulling over whether to make these…

What would be your favourite citrus-based preserve? I might be able to create it for you!

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