Why a blog? And why now?

Why a blog now?

Well, I did have one a while ago (Bradwell’s World). When I first moved to Rockbourne I embarked on a totally different lifestyle than the one my friends and family were used to seeing, so I thought they may like to see what I was up to – livestock that we were rearing, things we were planting and harvesting from the allotment – but it was only invited friends that were able to view it! I didn’t think that it was going to be interesting /funny/ informative enough for complete strangers to read it – I have lifted the restrictions so you can all view it now.

Having just read through it myself, it maybe wasn’t that bad! I might resurrect it as a lot has changed in my world over the last 5 years! Watch this space!

My need for a blogging space has now resurfaced. I am not working a ‘proper job’ so I feel a need to connect with my friends so they can see what I’m up to! I have more to share than can be put into bite-sized snippets on Twitter, or status updates on Facebook. I have a website as I want people to be able to read about my business from anywhere, but it cost more to have a blog attached. I love my website, but it is not quick to update, and doesn’t work like a blog – you are supposed to overwrite the content – so I felt a blog was also needed to keep everything recorded.

I also felt motivated to blog by reading about the Ultimate Blog Challenge on Dorset Business Mother of the Year 2010 – Joanne Dewberry’s website. Notice how I procrastinated enough to not start it in time for January 1st! In my defence though, I didn’t find out about it until Sunday afternoon, and I knew it would take hours days to choose the template, as of course that is the most important thing!

ANYWAY – it’s here, at last, and I can’t wait to tell you about new products literally as they are being made, be able to share photos and keep you all in the ‘Parkside’ loop!

2 comments on “Why a blog? And why now?

  1. welcome back from the blogging abyss looking forward to reading about your life in the sticks 🙂

    • Haha ~ thank you! It certainly feels like we are in some remote backwater sometimes! Particularly when I have to stand halfway up the garden to get 1 bar of mobile phone signal! Love it though…

      I might blend my two blogs together – it makes sense as I am my business, and Parkside is my home (also a lot more manageable!)

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